What is MDillon Designs & Publishing?

MDillon Designs & Publishing is a creative conglomerate which integrates graphic design, book and music publishing, product design, public speaking and a whole lot of writing! 

In addition to I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! books and products, Marlene Dillon produces a host of other creative works, for example, other children’s books like The Lonely Prince, logo design services for individuals and small business owners (see below), and greeting cards and invitation templates.


Marlene accepted some time ago that she is multi-talented so she decided to do it all! She designs logos, invitations, business cards, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and so much more! All I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! products were (and still are) designed by author and illustrator Marlene Dillon. Here are a few of her designs:

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I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! opened a whole new world for Marlene.  She learned how to properly self-publish a book, a skill which allowed her the privilege of publishing her father’s first book, which is now available on Amazon.

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>> New Book! The Lonely Prince Now Available on Amazon!
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