I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! 

I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! is a movement of self-love created by author and designer Marlene Dillon. It’s bigger than a hairstyle or hair texture; it’s about the beliefs that run deep beneath the surface. 

 I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! is also a beautiful and empowering children’s picture book. This story is particularly loved by multicultural families and parents of multiracial children. Readers often share how much they appreciate that I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! features children of color because there aren’t many books that celebrate diversity, and teach children of ALL colors, shapes and sizes to love themselves as is. 

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A child’s confidence begins to erode very early in life
so this narrative was written to build your child’s self-confidence with each turn of the pages. As this little girl embraces her beauty, it is my desire that your child will  embrace their own.

I wrote I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! to help parents begin the important conversation of self-esteem with their children. This story gives parents a foundation to build on to teach children that “we are ALL beautiful as is.” 

— Marlene Dillon, Author

About the Author

Author, Speaker, Girls’ Empowerment Specialist

Author|Blogger|Graphic Designer|Public Speaker…
Marlene Dillon is a multi-talented mom with a passion for empowering others. She specializes in connecting with young ladies in a way that leads to positive changes regarding how they view themselves and how they interact with others. With a master’s in counseling and a natural gift for effective communication, Marlene is teaching our daughters to believe in themselves and embrace the power of sisterhood.

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About the bOOK

I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! is the story of a little girl who is teased because of the texture of her hair. Her mom explains to her that her hair is part of her identity, that she is beautiful the way that God created her, and by the end of the story she is saying, “I’ve learned to love what I see. I’m proud to be natural me!” What an awesome story. What an awesome opportunity to teach children that we are ALL beautiful as is.

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– Amazon: http://bit.ly/Proud2BNaturalMe-Amazon
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  1. Just read Natural Me to my Ava! She loves it- now I’m going to look for a chocolate girl shirt 🙂

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